Vanessa Hudgens In Strange Outfit In Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens has stood out in the streets of Los Angeles in a mix and match strange outfit. We would like your opinion on the issue, top or flop?

Vanessa Hudgens is part of these stars because we like to take issue style, although it follows the trends she always keeps a sense of style very personal. For years the belle is indeed adept of the Bohemian-rock looks.

Don’t expect to see Vanessa in minimalist sets or small looks preppy to Reese Witherspoon, not for the actress, there is always a bit of flower power in his dressing room.


Yesterday, the pretty brunette gave a tour Los Angeles in West Hollywood district,after the beauty salon to treat its small problems of skin towards the bar to smoothies to indulge.

Veteran of the gypset dresses Vanessa had again slipped her butt in a rather in formed white denim shorts and attached by straps. Not really short not really overalls, one isnot a fan of this piece. As the sexy effect of short destroy falls squarely on dishbecause it is not properly cut and do not at all highlights the beautiful curves of theactress. However, Vanessa has put the package to be stylish: sexy boots, top graphics message, hat in felt, bag Celine and tigress manicure. The staff there is not frankly seduced by the look of the starlet. With his long hair extensions and its lack of makeup Vanessa is more “hip-hop” that destroy-chic, what about you?

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