Tom Cruise: Fatal Crash On The Set Of His Latest Film

Tom Cruise:

Sad news… Friday, 3 members of the crew of ‘Mena’, the latest film by Tom Cruise,were involved in a tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of 2 of them.

Mena team is in mourning: Friday, 2 members of the team of the film shot in Colombia have been killed in a plane crash, even as the film puts in scene the life of pilot under the thumb of the drug baron Pablo Escobar in the early 80‘s, with Tom Cruise headlining.

2 victims of the accident, Alan David Purwin, a Hollywood native driver, and Colombian Carlos Berl went to Medellin from Santa Fe de Antioquia. The exact causes of the accident have not yet been communicated, but several American media including TMZ argue they have been destabilized by bad weather. A second American pilot, Jimmy Lee Garind, was transferred to hospital in a serious condition.

According information of The Associated Press, the actor of 53 years was not in the light aircraft at the time of the accident. Pilot confirmed, the actor has been present in Colombia since a month for the filming of Mena and has not yet commented on this tragic event. Dad‘s Suri does indeed no pause since it comes to announce that he intended to turn the 6th part of Mission Impossible next summer.

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