The Most Popular Star Hairstyles Of 2015

Popular Star Hairstyles:

The Berlin celebrity hair stylist Shan Rahim khan reveals the five most popular star hairstyles of in Germany exclusively for There are style icons such as Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker but only a brunette
In his Berlin Salon master hairdressing Shan Rahim khan is responsible for the hair styles of the German celebrities. Exclusive the successful entrepreneur has put together for the five most popular star hairstyles, repeatedly demanded by its customers.

Sienna Miller

The beautiful British woman loves not only fashionable experiments, also in terms of hairstyles and makeup, Sienna‘s variety. With the Chin-long Bob, she can score even when the professional. Shan Rahim khan: “a beautiful, casual undone look with light waves that perfectly highlights the shape of your face.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

Whether as “Carrie Bradshaw” and yourself: Sarah Jessica Parker is undoubtedly one of the greatest style icons of the 21st century. Shan Rahim khan will be: “a very nice,soft gradient dark approach with blonde tips. This hair is slightly wavy top!”

Charlize Theron

The South African beauty Charlize Theron has shaved even a radical bald for he award-winning role in “Monster”. Her blond hair are so desirable. Shan Rahim khan:Charlize wears a very cool blond with subtly incorporated strands of caramel. Now it has. short hair, which still very feminine look, because they are soft Plait and kissed by the Sun”

Michelle Williams

Campaign and actress Michelle Williams loves and lives the versatile preppy look.Shan Rahim khan: “a very cool look for the delicate facial features by Michelle Williams.The hair is young, naughty and girlish.”

Jessica Biel

The looks of Jessica Biel are modern, elegant and delicate. As only brunette‘s did Jessica Biel in the top 5. Shan Rahim khan: “here you can see an example of a very nice gradient and natural, cool colors in the blond tips. Light volume on top of the head to the big waves in the lengths and tips radiates pure elegance.”

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