Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Intimate photos surfaced

Taylor Swift:

For money, many people do unfortunately much immoral someone tried now to sell an intimate photo of the singer  Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris for a large sum of American media

Taylor Swift, 25, was spared a more embarrassing moment now: an insider offered very intimate photo of her and boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris, 31, the American Portal“Radar Online”. However, the portal reports to have rejected the purchase of the savory image. They explain: “That was not safe for the public”. Progress against hackers and violations of the privacy of celebrities? In recent years, more and moreintimate photos of famous faces on the Internet have surfaced. Including also Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence or soccer player hope solo. These were then stolen from the personal cloud of those affected and published by several media. There was much criticism from the public.

Taylor became perhaps more permissive?

Taylor Swift was hacked in last January strangers took over their Twitter and Instagram account and threatened to post nude pictures of the country asterisk. She reacted at that time only cocky: “to the hackers, my nude photos to have? Psssh, you probably would like this. Have fun with Photoshop, because you have nothing!” But now is the blonde for the first time in a serious relationship. Loosen up might the barriers? And who would want to try from the environment of the musicians, to damage the image of this dream relationship? Taylor Swift and Calvin should take now probably very seriously this issue.


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