Sila Sahin First Selfie After Separation

Sila Sahin:

Sila Sahin has posted a photo of himself in the bathtub at the honey out with Ilkay Gundogan: the actress can smile again

She can smile again: Sila Sahin has shared with their fans a first Selfie from the separation of Ilkay Gundogan.

Relaxing bath in the evening

The snapshot, the 29-year-old on Facebook posted shows a relaxed her in the bath tub. The actress has put together her hair in a loose bun and relaxed in the middle of a sparkling mountain. “Good night Cologne”, commented the recording the former” GZSZ “actress.

Relationship off after two years

Just two days ago, it had become known that Sila Sahin has separated from her boyfriend Ilkay Gundogan. Her love for the 24 year-old footballers lasted two years.

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