Serena Williams Bitter Defeat

Serena Williams:

Shock to Serena Williams: the tennis player has missed the historical Grand Slam at the U.S. open. The fans blame the defeat of her new boyfriend Drake

She was so close to writing history: at the U.S. open on the historic Grand Slam chance missed Serena Williams now. Is her new boyfriend Drake about blame the defeat?

Nobody has expected 

Surprisingly, the tennis star lost to Roberta Vinci on Friday (September 11) in thrilling semi-final of the not used Italian. Would be pulled the 33-year old American woman in the final and would she then brought up the title, she would have won the four major tennis tournaments in a year Grand Slam. That made Steffi Graf last 27 years ago.


But instead of usual winning smiles of the local hero, the audience in New York saw disappointed and deeply frustrated Serena. Also on the stadium spectators: rapper Drake. The athlete should have fell in love Rihanna’s ex, recently she was caught with the 28-year when the smooching.


Shortly after the dramatic match was clear to the Twitter community: the musician is responsible for the debacle. Under the Hashtag #BlameDrake fans expressed various Tweets.

Perhaps Serena Williams was really something distracted the fact that her beloved in the audience sat. Maybe her opponent was the better tennis player on this day but also easy

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