Serena Williams and Drake Caught at the make-out

Serena Williams and Drake:

Rapper Drake and tennis star Serena Williams seem to be a few actually. You were very familiar in a restaurant

Currently, it is one of the biggest tennis stars on the planet, he is one of the most successful rappers. And now, a few are Serena Williams, 33, and Drake (28, “Own It”)apparently. At least now emerged pictures from a restaurant in the American city of Cincinnati suggests that, published by the US celebrity Portal “TMZ”

First the 28-year-old Williams successful appearance at the WTA tournament in Cincinnati had been seen. She was there to defend her title and defeated Romanian Simona Builder in the final. In the evening both in the Italian local then apparently celebrated the victory by Serena.

Drake in Wimbledon

On the paparazzi shots are Serena Williams and Drake embracing, they Kiss too dearly. Many guests have seen that the two apparently from each other could leave not. Alone the two had not been but, because they were apparently accompanied by six friends. Rumors of a relationship between Williams and Drake emerged, when the rapper was seen in July at Wimbledon, where he had apparently also supports the professional tennis player.

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