Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend Is A Former Drug Addict!

Sandra Bullock:

Sandra Bullock file the perfect love with photographer Bryan Randall. For a few hours,the couple is in turmoil. The troubled past of the actress‘s boyfriend resurfaced

Despite appearances, Bryan Randall would be far from ideal son-in-law. For about five months, Sandra Bullock comes out with the former model. Several sources confirmed there is little that they were very in love one another even if they have not yet held to formalize their Idyll. It was also reported that the actress still wary by his stormy divorce from Jesse James would have been on guard at the beginning of their relationship before you lower the guard. Sandra met Bryan for the first time on July at a party in Austin, Texas, and was a big favorite. “They tried to take it easy, and at the beginning Sandra was struggling to qualify it as a boyfriend, but it becomes evident that they are completely in love one another said a source at the magazine British Grazia.

For a few hours, the couple is in turmoil. And for good reason, very troubled past of Bryan Randall resurfaced. First of all, an ex-voisin of the photographer told website Radar Online that the boyfriend of Sandra Bullock was a very large nervous. Bryan Randall allegedly threatened his former neighbor for a story of dog excrement found before its building. “Pick up your dog, asshole shit” he told her, before going a little more away. “In 10 days, it will happen differently. He will see another facet as soon as my kids will be out of State”would have slipped Bryan Randall. Neither one nor two,the neighbor went complaint stating that Bryan Randall had firearms. Worse still, Star Magazine reveals that the beautiful kid would have been in jail 4 times. A few hours after, the Daily Mail in has added a layer by revealing that Bryan Randall is a former drug addict. Fortunately, his brother said that he was clean for “very long”.


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