Neither Mouse nor Keyboard Creative Future Is Right There

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe announces new features for Adobe Creative Cloud their subscription type service at 6/17 come see ADOBE LIVE 2015; I wonder if presenting their future creative on Earth have disappeared. (Added 2015.6.19 and)

Also to be conscious again, we now benefit from the “touch screen” afforded that.Look at the Smartphone in hand, universal sense of barrel and mobile phones with physical buttons and doesn’t compare to even (after only 10 years and less).

Because usually even go so feel you for creators to say that could spread indefinitely.Let me feel so that the video at the beginning. The ideal way of the Tablet-friendly apps in the future with Adobe creativity unleashed from the keyboard and mouse to tell enough.
Adobe hold event 6/17 come with ADOBE LIVE 2015 version subscription type service for their Adobe Creative Cloud (below Adobe CC) is expected to announce a new feature. In presenting their I’m sure from this creative of can’t help materially changed the scene should be without hope.
Today Adobe is utilizing the evolution of technology and devices, especially mobile ones making activation functionality has been incorporated into the Adobe CC one after the other.
For example to indicate writing Comp CC was released in North America in March this year, drew on the touch lines, gestures as soon as becomes dummy text or photo frame, distributed at the workshop called “rough” can be produced easily. It does notwork with cloud brought it onto the desktop environment, a robust.
Technology to reproduce animation character facial expressions of the person in front of the webcam soon “Project Animal’, in the field of video was released at NAB in April, is introduced.
Of these, “now there is” future creatively, what evolution is superimposed. By 2015 will be streaming live online Adobe Live, should become a valuable opportunity to see its customers actually.

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