Lose Weight Without Sports

These five foods help:

Who does not want to sport as actress Keira Knightley, but want to stay still slim,which should put on these five foods

Are a few kilos down, but please without cruelty in the gym? Then you should change his diet, because the foods that you eat, actually make the difference.

Thin without sports here are five foods that are real sound:

1. fat burner ginger

Juice spritzers and the freshly squeezed orange juice omit, because to hide the Crystal or fruit sugar. Instead drink a lot of ginger tea. The root is a real fat burner and inhibits even the appetite.

2. dietary fiber in the morning or lunch

The fiber saturate long and keep cravings at Bay. In the morning eat a cereal with flax seed or Chia seeds.

Also legumes such as lentils or beans properly provide fiber and make fast satellite due to its indigestible starch. Are a great alternative to the salad, at noon

3. herbs instead of salt

We eat too much salt and season with plenty of lunch. But this leads to water retention.

Therefore prefer with herbs as watercress, parsley, chives, chili flavor and the salt omit.4. secret weapon Harzer cheese

Even if it smells of sour milk cheese is the fetter cheese. With its high protein content and nutrients, it also helps against counterproductive muscle breakdown,which can result in weight loss without sports.

Extra tip: store the cheese in the refrigerator in a sealed box. Then, the nose of the room mate will be protected.

5. no sugar

Industrial sugar is in so many products. A look at the ingredients and already is sugar in the first three places.

If there is not other way, one do without but the sweetness. Sukrin or stevia have few calories and not artificially cause blood sugar levels to soar.

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