Lewis Hamilton’s dating carousel keeps turning

Lewis Hamilton:

There can one almost dizzy are: Lewis Hamilton should now have a new after Rihanna and co.

From the love crowd, Lewis Hamilton can currently sing the one or other song. Now he was getting out of the roller coaster of emotions his on-off relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger , there was already a season ticket of‘s dating carousel. And that rotates and revolves, that is one already dizzy. Because anyone who thinks that Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Rihanna still are currently part of the game, which is wrong. There‘s a new round and also a new woman.

Two weeks ago, it was still, Lewis Hamilton would now flirt with pop diva Rihanna .Photos of the two on the “Kadooment Parade said zealous in Barbados. But there was also a very different woman at his side, who went down before louder RiRi-Powackel-power on the recordings.

By Rihanna because of:

Louise De Courcey Dawe is the beauty that amused with Lewis Hamilton during the wild celebration and moves according to the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ in the same circle of friends as Lewis Hamilton. It is no coincidence that it was also during the parade in Barbados. Finally, she grew up after her birth in London on the small island.

Even not so bad fishing

And yet something it has in common with Rihanna: Louise also works in the music business not in the spotlight, for this but successfully in the background. Under themogul Eric nicks she supervised stars like Busta Rhymes and Lil’Kim. Today the company has their own company, the “Loud 87″.

And even if she focused on managing others after their studies, even her face in the home is not unknown. When she was younger, she set her foot first as a model in the door of show business and ergatterte campaigns for Red Bull, Heineken and many other brands.

What developed exactly from Lewis and Louise is still open. How long she turn this round in the carousel, will show up first. But we know: indefinitely not going there right now actually.

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