Kylie Jenner The Secret Of Her Full Lips

Kylie Jenner:

That her full lips are not natural, she had already admitted. Now Kylie Jenner revealed details about for the first time, how she conjures so plump they

That Kylie Jenner has helped nature a bit on the jumps, the reality star has already admitted in May. In an interview with New York Times the 18-year-old betrayed now exactly as it sees her kissing lips full and beautiful.

This is your beauty-doc

“I go to Dr. Ourian in Beverly Hills,” the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” actress said bluntly. He was the best doctor who she know, and very of course deal with it.About his predecessor, the teenager had however to report anything good. She said “I looked totally insane”, about his treatment.

Temporary spray

Through her new doctor, she had learned to inject their lips with temporary funding. “I would recommend that everyone take a fill, which holds two to four months”, said Kylie. So you have always the option to quit. She feels but currently very well just with their lips with their skin. Also, the family has an its own doctor, of course the sister of Kim Kardashian told the “New York Times“.

Own makeup line

But the daily skin care and good products are just as important as regular doctor visits. “I‘m totally dependent on face masks,” she admitted. She have “Thousands”varieties in her bathroom. With so much passion for her face, it is no wonder that Kylie Jenner now also works on their own make-up brand. “I create my own lipstick line. “I will bring my three favorite colors on the market: nude, sepia tone and Brown.”

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