Kim Kardashian Botox Ban On Kim

Kim Kardashian:

In the case of BOTOX fan Kim Kardashian, small wrinkles are actually a feature. This is the reason for their beauty doc block

Wrinkles have usually no chance with the Kardashians! A joint trip to the plastic surgeon is nothing special for the iconic reality TV family. Currently, Kim Kardashian must however give up their beloved Hilfsmittelchen.

No date for the beauty-doc

Leaves the 34-year-old in a skin-tight black Cape dress her New York apartment.Straightened black hair, a perfect Center parting and the makeup was not saved so you know the look of Kim Kardashian. One is however not: small wrinkles are formed on her forehead usually meticulously smoothly ironed. Atypical, because its  Kim treats herself to actually every three months a refresher course in the form of BOTOX and lip fillers.

Folding for baby No. 2

Of all the stress, the wife of luxury rapper Kanye West, 38, with Selfies and self-marketing, it is not. The reason for the unusual natural features on their strain, is her pregnancy. You waive for the benefit of her unborn second child any visits at her beauty-doc.

After her nakedness with the neurotoxin was criticized during pregnancy in the American media, Kim on Instagram spoke: “no, I leave during pregnancy squirt me no Botox, so as some claim. You must be perfectly crazy to do such a thing to his child.”

Experts also advise to access to Botox and co. during their pregnancy. Although the neurotoxin after injection usually remains in the desired position and does not migrate through the body, there are still no studies that can exclude possible consequential damage to the unborn child. Possible complications could be there fore also expensive for Kim‘s beauty-doc.

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