Katia Aveiro: Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister wants to ‘ESC’

Katia Aveiro:

That would put even more glamour in the ‘Euro vision Song Contest’: Katia Aveiro ,sister of Cristiano Ronaldo , would represent Portugal 2016

That would certainly raise the chances of victory by Portugal: the big sister of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, 30, Katia Aveiro, 38, would like to in the upcoming“Euro vision Song Contest” 2016 for their home country compete.

The singer launched a call for it on her official Twitter account, where is their numerous fans for their help and support requested for their project.

Successful artist

It was her absolute dream to represent their home at the music competition. Katia Aveiro began her career under her artist name Ronalda already in 2005. So far, she made six albums, most recently in the year 2015. The artist is the mother of two sons,and still lives in her native country of Portugal.

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