Jessics Simpson Regretted At Her First Marriage

Jessics Simpson:

She is divorced from Nick Lachey for nine years. Jessica Simpson has but apparently little lovely memories of the marriage

Jessica Simpsons first divorced in 2006 with Nick Lachey. But nine years later become singer still seems to employ the business woman in negative ways. In an interview with the CNBC “Closing Bell” stock show, the 35-year-old from the sewing box chatted.

The presenter, asked what was Simpsons greatest business or private financial mistake, she said: “the biggest financial mistake? I don’t know for some reason I was thinking of my first marriage.”

Half a fortune away

The former couple for the “Newlyweds” reality series of cameras could be accompany from 2003 to 2005. According to reports, after the divorce appeared that tried to fob off Jessica Simpson Nick Lachey initially with a one-time payment of less than $2 million. At the end of the former boy band singer to got however close her half a fortune, that she deserved by their notoriety through the series with advertising orders and their music. So she should have taken $14 million in 2006.

Peanuts for Jessica Simpson now however seem to be. For her fashion label makes turn over of one billion dollars (about 887 million euros) according to Forbes now in the year. But also that still isn’t enough the double mother, who has been marriedsince last year with the ex-football player Eric Johnson. Asked after her target for the next five to ten years she said: “I‘m ready for another one billion.”


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