Jennifer Lawrence Complexes By Google

Jennifer Lawrence :

Cheerful and confident so you know Jennifer Lawrence from the press. But Google caused a crack in their self-confidence

Hollywood lies at her feet, but that does not mean that Jennifer Lawrence is immune against uncertainties. In an interview with the “New York Times the 25-year-old told,that she is now hardly dares to say something. “I imagine how people will interpret it negatively, and I don’t want people to say: ‘Oh, she‘s so arrogant and clarified’.”

She is too curious

Their own curiosity is apparently to blame for this. “It is probably the fact that I myself google,” Lawrence explains. She‘ve even ever after Jennifer Lawrence ugly” googled.That this is not a good idea, it even peeks: “I can not  waste of time imagine, to worry about than me. Why should I care, what people I think? But it does.I can not pretend like it doesn’t matter to me.”


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