Jenifer’s Poster Without Makeup


This week, Jenifer has the honor of TV 7 days. On the cover, the singer, who was photographed by Nikos Aliagas for the occasion, poses without makeup.

On the occasion of his return as coach for the second season of The Voice Kids, Jenifer has had the honor of coverage of Tele 7 . It is by Nikos Aliagas that singer was photographed. The 32-year-old woman appears without makeup. On social networks,Internet users were conquered by the natural beauty that was revealed nearly 14 years ago in Star Academy.

In the magazine, Jenifer recalled his meeting with Nikos Aliagas at the time of the Star Academy. “At the time, in December 2002, I was asking with Nikos for one of your covers (Tele 7 days). Today, it is he who takes pictures of me! It’s strange, we have not changed that much. We have grown, matured, especially! We lived our “great” debuton Star Ac’. “” But no one knew that it was going to tip over our lives. “Having made this first season together created a relationship that unite us in life,” she said.

During the interview, Jenifer revealed that she currently recorded her new studio album. “It will pop and scheduled for release in 2016. I take my time… “, it dropped,before regretting his clip of the words that resonate, in which she appeared with“the red string that comes out of the jean.”

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