Hayden Panettiere Relaxed Through The Divorce Drama

Hayden Panettiere:

At the family Panettiere’s cracks at the moment again properly. Hayden Panettiere is this but not from the rest

Last December, brought the world the small Kaya Evdokia Hayden Panettiere and there by increased their mini family to a sweet Scion. Since then, she and her favoriteWladimir Klitschko are happier than ever. Especially the professional Boxer raved about in the past by the triple team, what keeps this stuff, called the “perfect partner”,the sweet Kaya even the “fulfillment of his dream,” Hayden.

Three years crash

While in the House of Klitschko everything in perfect order seems to be dark clouds moved on with the Panettieres however. Hayden’s mother filed for divorce from fatherAlan Lesley in 2012, the dispute between the two did not put up today. Now, the“Heroes” actress is once again caught in the crossfire. But the divorce drama ofparents can not bring Hayden from the rest. You take no sides, and assists both Lesley and Alan.

Hayden saves her mother from the street

Compared to the American news portal “TMZ”, Lesley said now that she is completely destitute and has only a roof over their heads, because her daughter is so generous.Financial was her ex-husband should have torn them, who only four months paid spousal support you. So Hayden  Panettiere, who in her apartment in West Hollywood life she came to help.

But also her father comes out well

This is called but not long, that the actress has beaten this action on the side of hermother. Because even Alan sees Hayden’s selflessness. He should have received only money gift this year of just under 90,000 euros. That is at least from the legal documents, which now filed Lesley, called TMZ as a source.

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