Fan Bingbing Style Star from the far East

Fan Bingbing:

The couture Queen fan Bingbing is not only the most successful actress of China, but also place four of the best earning actresses in the world. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston she already put in the shade

The world marvels over the Abraumerin at # 4 of the “Forbes” list of the best earning actresses: the Chinese porcelain complexion beauty fan Bingbing has ranked just behind the podium of “leading ladies” with her income of $21 million last year. Thus she can be competitors like the Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston behind.

Always a fashion highlight in Cannes

If step in the stars on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, then all hold your breath, if Chinese actress fan Bingbing in beautiful Haute Couture gowns by Valentino and Louis Vuitton with her delicate cherry blossoms appeal. In particular the noble shirred and embroidered silk creations by Elie Saab did do it to her. And the couture House loves the stylish and elegant performances of beauty in his creations.

Annual earnings of approximately €24 million

Many may ask Fan Bing what?” this has the 33-year old Chinese woman already on the celebrity-best earners list in China for the third time and is world wide with their art on the rise. And fan Bingbing is not just actress, but also pop star, producer, model and Ambassador of luxury labels such as for example Louis Vuitton, for which they are also stylish and trendy in the here and now makes a great figure.

And not only in their home country, China plays a role: fan Bingbing has signed the cooperation in four 4 other “X-men” filmswe are so will more frequently have the chance to admire the fabulous Thespian.

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