Dakota Johnson Dropped The Top

Dakota Johnson:

Interviewed by Another magazine, she is on the cover of the fall/winter issue, the star of 50 shades of Grey Dakota Johnson is left go to some confidences on her adolescence.

While the fourth volume of 50 shades of Grey is a box since its release this summer,the actress who plays one of the main roles, Dakota Johnson, chose the magazine Another to confide everything in simplicity and to nudity. On the cover of the magazine, the colleague of Jamie Dornan did not hesitate to drop the top and install without makeup.

Also, Dakota Johnson confided about his childhood: daughter of the 2 American stars Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, she confessed to having had a rather original childhood. “I have the impression of having grown up in a circus. I know the planes,trains, cars. And very talented people and strange.”recalled actress who merely very well the system found by his parents after their divorce:“two weeks with one and two weeks with the other, traveling with a guardian”.

Side studies, Dakota Johnson confessed to feeling like an “alien” to the school, she“hated”. Returned to a Catholic school, the 25-year-old actress had other concernsthan high school. “I loved the music. I had problems because I smoked joints… I was more interested in the idea of paint to the spray stuff and hanging out with my friends when I was at school”. Dakota Johnson, former rebel!

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