Charle Hunnam Regrets Not Playing In “50 Shades Of Grey”

Charle Hunnam :

Charlie Hunnam seems to regret giving up the lead role in 50 shades of Grey. The actor told V Man Magazine that he had cried to in for twenty minutes after having abandoned the project.

Charlie Hunnam has a very bad memory of his departure from 50 shades of Grey. The actor of 35 years should embody the sulphurous Christian Grey in the adaptation of the trilogy of E. L. James. But he withdrew from the project, and it is Jamie Dornan which eventually replace it.

Today, he regrets a little how it happened. “It‘s been the worst experience of my life,he told V Man Magazine. It destroyed me emotionally and I have never had to manage a difficult career choice. It has broken me the heart”. And it is not the only one to have regretted his choice. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson also struggled to hold back his tears to his announcement. “I called her, and we both cried on the phone fortwenty minutes. I had to tell him it was not going to walk, he said. It happened to melots of things that me had much weakened. I let me exceed and I had anxiety attacks when I thought of the film. I knew more what to do”.

Charlie Hunnam became famous thanks to Queer as Folk. The British series tells the story of a group of young homosexuals. Logically, it wished to clarify that it obviously wasn’t the nudity that had a problem it in 50 shades of Grey: “one would have thought that I had been cold in the eyes, because of the nature sexual and explicit of the project. But remember, when I was eighteen, I was naked in a series which was broadcast throughout the country”.


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